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Building the Eek – Part 2

It’s time to continue the Eeeeeeeek build. Okay, a few too many “e’s” but that’s just a reflection of how I felt throughout this build!

If you missed the first part of the build you can check it out here, then make sure you come back to read part 2!

So, to recap; we built the fuzz in part one which wasn’t to bad all in all, pretty simple and all the parts had been pre-cut. This obviously put me into a false sense of elusion for the wing, which at this stage just looked like a few box of matches laying on the workbench.

I guess it’s a bit better than a box of matches. The wing ribs are extremely thin and fragile. The top and bottom sheeting is just a few mm thick. There is also three carbon spars which should help, I guess!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos through this stage of the build, probably as I was too busy supergluing myself to the wing, fact.

The fiddliest part was making sure the ribs were aligned in the dead centre of the front and back spars, this was too allow enough room for the top and bottom rib capping.

I did however take a few photos of the servo holes and the finished wing.

You can actually see the top and bottom carbon spars next to the win ribs in this photo. Going to need some small servos!

A short clip showing the finished wing. I did give it one final rub down afterwards, honest.

Here’s a photo with the wing resting on the fuzz. We decided later to fix the wing with a bolt rather than gluing it on.

Almost ready for covering!

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