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DJI FPV Drone, first go in Sports mode

I recently hit the “f**k it” button on a new DJI FPV (First Person View) Drone. I’ve had a few DJI drones before and have always been impressed with the tech. I’ve also thought about building my own FPV drone for racing but couldn’t really be bothered with the learning curve… I’m a busy chap!

So when DJI recently announced their first FPV drone I was hooked. It was only a matter of time before I caved and the hit the button to buy it.

First impressions are really good. This is professional bit of kit that can take you from basic drone flying via GPS to full on drone racing. I’ll cover more of that on another post. It also has some serious tech built in.

So at a high level there are three main modes and some sub modes, I’ll cover the main modes for now.

  1. Normal – this is basic drone flying, a 5 year old could fly it. Its has full on collision detection so will stop if it’s about to hit something. Max speed is 30mph
  2. Sports – this is similar to normal except removes the collision detection system, banks over more during turns, you have to bank back and it will now hit 60 mph – oh baby!
  3. Manual – This is full on race mode. You have to adjust the throttle stick to remove the spring, more like fixed wing or a heli. You can now also flip inverted by rolling or forward/back flip – oh an it will now hit 92 mph and get there in just over 2 seconds!

I’m itching to get it into Manual mode! But for now I’m getting a massive kick out of the Sports mode. Here’s a clip of my first flight in Sports mode, filmed one evening this week. The light was starting to go hence the low light on the footage. 

Post your thoughts in the comments section below. Let us know if you also fly drones (time for a debate)

Cheers, Matt

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