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The Red (Orange) Triangle!

We made it! We are now allowed to go flying again…. woooo hoooo! I’ve spent the weekend checking over one of my models, charging up and making sure the flight kit is ready. I’ll be aiming to go tomorrow as long as I can escape work! 

With this in mind our committee have sent several emails yesterday. One in particular was a reminder about the Red Triangle. This is also referred to the Orange triangle in our Rules and Procedures document, number 8 on Page 6.

Here’s and extract for those of you that don’t have it to hand:

All pilots are to stand in the area marked on the runway by four coloured dots whilst flying. The two traffic cones contained in our kit box are to be used to mark the front of the pilot box. All models are to be kept in the airspace as defined on the Airfield Diagram. If this cannot be assured then flying is not to take place. Full size powered aircraft and glider circuits are outlined in the airfield procedures manual. The Hi-Viz Orange Triangle should be deployed adjacent to the flying area.

Owen also recalled a ‘near miss’ that happened to him last year whilst flying his Zero, when a T Tailed Glider appeared from nowhere and overflew our area. Luckly the Hi-Viz triangle was on display which would have safe guarded us (the club) if the was and accident. 

So let’s all do our best to make sure we don’t have an accident and we follow the rules. We need to make sure the tower is aware that we are on the flying site and that the Triangle is displayed.

Our rules and risk assessment have recently been emailed round. I will add them to the website once I have checked with the Committee. 

Enjoy your flying, stay safe.


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