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Building the Eek – Part 3

It’s time for the final instalment of Building the Eeeeeeek! Make sure you’ve check out Part 1 and Part 2 first.

So in part 2 we managed to get the matchsticks all together to form the wing. The box of bits is now starting to look like a plane, albeit a very small one.

For some strange reason I actually fancied covering it. Again, this is something I’ve not done for many years and to be honest I wanted something to practice on before going back to my Madness. Don’t tell Niki!

So I left it to Niki to knock up a design, I didn’t want to be left with that responsibility.

This is what he came up with; good job he still has he crayons. In fairness to him it’s much better then these ones:

Yes that is a COX engine on the green one!

I thought I would start with the fuzz, applying the white followed by red and then silver. I had to wait for the red to arrive, so I cracked on with the wing.

It went reasonable well, slightly fiddly around the tail. I used a tin lid to get the curve around the front, for the silver.

The wing has clear film, white and silver across the top. The wing tips didn’t go as planned, could have done with a heat gun to be honest. I’ve appeared to have lost my one. Can anybody recommend a replacement? If so, post a comment below.

The bottom of the wing replaces the silver with red.

It’s all about the details; trying to decide what size trim tape to use.

Trim tape was a complete pain to curve round; I’ll leave that for Niki to sort out! Finished result is looking okay.

After quickly getting bored of covering it was finally time for the fun stuff, kitting out the radio gear and fitting the motor!

Here’s a few photos which show the fun I had trying to kit out the Eek!

Pretty pleased with the end result; although looks a lot better with a few extra stickers. He does like a sticker!

Well I’m not sure I will ever rush to build another one and I’m not sure Niki will ever ask me again! I’m looking forward to the test flight once we can all go flying again. Any volunteers?!?

If you are a club member and have a project on the building board please email me so we can share it on our website.

Cheers, Matt

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